Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination Today: Star Maa Bigg Boss 3 (2019)

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination Today: Star Maa Bigg Boss 3 (2019)

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination: I know if you are here then you must surely be a die-hard fan of Bigg Boss Telugu, right? And come here while searching for Bigg Boss Telugu Eviction 2019. Bigg Boss lovers are going crazy to know Who is in danger of Elimination Today?

If yes, then you are at the right place!! As here you’ll get to know each and everything about Telugu Bigg Boss 3 Elimination process along with the contestants names who will be evicted ithe n current week before the announcement.

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination
Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination

As we all know that the most excited episode on Bigg Boss is the day of Elimination because viewers are wait for the special announcement of Who will be eliminate today and leave from this beautiful house of bigg boss.

So, without wasting more time… Let’s get started with Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Eviction Today.


First, all you have to know Telugu Bigg Boss Eviction Process

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination

Let me tell you How actually Eviction Process works in Bigg Boss. So, to know about this process just scroll down.

Every week few contestants are nominated for the eviction among all candidates who are playing in bigg boss. The nomination task depends upon the Contestant’s activities and tasks. Basically, the candidate who do not perform well in tasks generally get into this danger zone!!

And the contestant who gets the lowest votes in the public voting poll has to leave this beautiful house of Bigg Boss Telugu.


You can save your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu contestant from this danger zone with the help of Public Voting. Yes, you heard right this is the only way to save your favorite candidate from Eviction. 🙂

Eviction day is a standout amongst the most highest TRP day of the week or we can say the most intriguing scene of the week. So, to keep your excitement on the peak I will add all Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Nominations. Not only this, I’ll keep updating this list weekly so that you can vote your favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Weekly Elimination

Here below I’ll tell you the name of the contestants who will be eliminated this week. Currently, no one eliminate from this beautiful house of Bigg boss because Telugu Bigg Boss has not started yet.

Bigg Boss 3 Elimination
Bigg Boss 3 Elimination

So, whenever this reality show will start we’ll start updating the name of Bigg Boss Season 3 Eliminated contestant of this week.

WeeksEvicted/Eliminated Contestants
Week 1Updated Soon
Week 2Updated Soon
Week 3Updated Soon
Week 4Updated Soon
Week 5Updated Soon
Week 6Updated Soon
Week 7Updated Soon
Week 8Updated Soon
Week 9Updated Soon
Week 10Updated Soon
Week 11Updated Soon
Week 12Updated Soon
Week 13Updated Soon
Week 14Updated Soon
Week 15Updated Soon

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Nominations of This Week

Here below I’ll provide you the list of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Nominated contestants of this week. So, just check out quickly the nominations of this week and vote for your favorite contestant.

WeeksCaptainNominated Contestants
Week 1Updated SoonN/A
Week 2Updated SoonN/A
Week 3Updated SoonN/A
Week 4Updated SoonN/A
Week 5Updated SoonN/A
Week 6Updated SoonN/A
Week 7Updated SoonN/A
Week 8Updated SoonN/A
Week 9Updated SoonN/A
Week 10Updated SoonN/A
Week 11Updated SoonN/A
Week 12Updated SoonN/A
Week 13Updated SoonN/A
Week 14Updated SoonN/A
Week 15Updated SoonN/A

Who will be eliminated this week from Telugu Bigg Boss 3

As I told you above, Eviction day is one of the most interesting days of the week because everyone wants to know who will be evicted this week from bigg boss house….Either be it fans or the haters, right?

Most of the time only 4-5 candidates come under the radar of this danger zone. Basically, they get nominated due to their bad performance and behavior too.

Who Will Eliminate
Who Will Eliminate

Let me tell you, there are 16 contestants in the show. So, It is not compulsory only the bad performer candidate will be evicted, sometimes grouping takes place. And due to grouping, even a good performer also gets eliminated sometimes.

The Elimination takes place on Sunday when the host of this reality show comes on the stage and do some fun. And at the last of the show, He declares the name of that candidate who has to leave this beautiful house of Bigg Boss.

Here below we’ll also add the Prediction Poll for our lovely users. You can put your vote and predict Who will be eliminated this week from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3.

Moreover, If you are a fan of Bigg Boss then Click on the “Red Bell Icon” to get Voting and Eviction updates in advance.

Since it is really hard to see our favorite contestant leave the house, I thought why to share a few methods with our lovely users to save their favorite contestant from Elimination.

How To Save Your Favorite Contestants From Eviction or Elimination 2019

You can save your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 with the help of following ways:

  1. Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote through Google Account
  2. Missed Call Bigg Boss Telugu Voting 2019

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Through Google

bigg boss telugu voting through google
bigg boss telugu voting through google

1.) First of all, enter “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Voting” or “Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote Poll” on Google search engine.

2.) Then, it will show you the list of nominated contestants who are ready for public voting.

3.) Now, you just have to vote for your favorite contestant.

4.) It allows you 50 Votes per week and you can also split your vote to different contestants.

5.) That’s it!! Once you put your valuable vote to your favorite contestant your vote will automatically cast by google.

Note: Make sure your G-mail Id will be connected with Google otherwise you can’t able to vote in Bigg Boss 3 Voting Poll.

Missed Call Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting
Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting

Here we come up with another way of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote online through Missed call voting process. This method is very easy and you can easily vote for your favorite contestant with the help of your Cell phone.

So, here below you’ll get a list of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants Missed Call Voting Numbers. First, check above who is currently nominated for this week then just copy and paste your favorite contestant’s number on your dialing pad and give a miss call!!

That’s it!! once your call cut…your vote will automatically cast. Bigg Boss allows you 10 missed call votes per week and you can split that votes to different candidates.

I hope you really liked my post about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Nominations, Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination (Season 3) and Bigg Boss Telugu Eviction today (2019).

Don’t forget to comment us below whom will you save this week. And also vote in our above voting poll.

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